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bymeddison, August 22, 2012
vTiger Account Sync
Terrible extension that basically appears to be a glorified advert for the developers paid work. Took an age to work out how to download, installed the two parts required, hacked the code to get around the almost deliberate looking errors that stop it working and gave up after getting bored looking at the page constantly plugging paid development work.

Please, if you want to charge for an extension, just submit it as "commercial", then we know.
Owner's reply

Maybe you could contact us, we helping every day people to get things working, without any payment asked. We have faqs, forms and other communication methodes to help users without any charge. We did not hear from you, and like to come in touch with you to prove things work.

bymeddison, February 16, 2012
This is a great component for adding review features to sites; and it's free! To those critics on the board - yes it could do with some tidying up to be more SEO friendly; but it's free and it works. If you are that bothered and smart enough just use the bones of a great component and modify the output yourself it's not that hard once someone has done most of the work for you.
bymeddison, March 2, 2011
Created an account just to leave this review. Excellent module, installed easily with excellent configuration (once you get the hang of AddThis). Thanks to the developer.
Owner's reply

Thank you too for the kind words meddison :)