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bymedisoft, October 4, 2011
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Very good module, complete and compatible with MVC and Joomla! 1.6/1.7 Great work :)
bymedisoft, July 13, 2010
Is a very good application for comments, the only feature i think is missing is the integration with Akismet. With akismet active, the captcha tool can be disabled and the spam will be very small.
bymedisoft, May 12, 2010
This provides automation that the free version does not. Very good for people that doesn't want to do programming. We tested the free version, and after that, bought the pro. Is wonderful and very functional application, that solves our multidomain-multitemplate problem.
Owner's reply

Thanks medisoft. The multi-domain handling just got better in v1.5 because you can now also set the "default" menu item for any given domain/rule, which might be useful for you. Thanks for the review :-) Cheers, Stephen

bymedisoft, November 19, 2009
PayPal Donations Lite
This app is excellent, it does what I want to do (add donations to support a project and accounting of that donations). And also do more than it.

Very good and recommended to everyone who is looking for a donation system with Joomla and Paypal
bymedisoft, July 23, 2009
This is a very good and integrated chat, that simply works.

The usage is easy, and also de administration, recommended if you want to install a chat on your joomla site.
bymedisoft, September 25, 2008
This is the best non commercial solution for a slideshow with specific links per image that I found on all joomla extensions. The idea that it is GPLd is very good for my linux site, and it works nearly perfect, I recommend this component!