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bymegalonisos, April 14, 2012
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p8pbb bridge light

if possible I would give 10 stars...5 for the product and 5 for the support.
Bridging joomla and phpbb is not the easiest job and there are lot solutions, but this one works best and has lot´s of useful features.
Using this and other products of the company for more than a year now and I am more than satisfied.

The support is as professional as one can imagine. The developer saved my... more than matter if it was a dumbo mistake on my end or some probs with the server/3rd party components.

I will continue using this product and add/buy others from him because this guy knows what he is doing and is the money more than worth. As a matter of fact I would even pay more if he asks for :-)

A clear recommendation for everyone who uses Joomla and phpbb-forum.