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bymegana, May 16, 2013
We needed an extension that was more than a Craigslist and different from an eBay. This extension lets buyers and sellers negotiate the price together via the website and even ask for or offer other products in place of money. It's not super pretty, but nothing a little CSS can't fix.

Omni also provides amazing support and we actually ended up working with him to add a lot of additional functionality that was specific to our needs. Very cool!
bymegana, November 3, 2011
The people at SourceCoast really knows what they're doing. JFBConnect does just about anything you might possibly want to do with your site and Facebook. Just install it and follow the step-by-step configuration guide on their site, and IT JUST WORKS. Great support on their forum for anything else you might need.
bymegana, November 3, 2011
FW Real Estate
I've used a few different real estate components and this one was the first that I was able to just install and start using. The default layout looks pretty good, something that's surprisingly hard to find in a real estate component.

I had to email support about a few customizations I wanted and they were very helpful.

I wish there was a way to add custom fields in some areas, but I was at least able to go into the files and rename some of the existing fields so I could use them for other things. Works for me!
bymegana, September 27, 2011
Calculate! Mortgage
I purchased this module for a real estate website. This module has some great options that are easy to switch on and off as needed, and comes with several basic color themes that match most sites. The subscription price is extremely fair and when I ran into a unique bug with my server configuration, the developer responded to my email very quickly and worked out a solution for me. Sure beats searching the internet for free calculator widgets!