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bymember1000, January 7, 2013
Even a good ext. without a support is always just half baked thing. Not the case with this ext. I operate a site with approx. 70.000 and troubles came up. With José excellent support the problem could be located and solved. Many thanks.
bymember1000, October 16, 2011
Place Article
I consider this plugin as a must for sites with not trivial content structure. It helps me a lot to keep tidy content consistency as I tend to put articles once written in different context and places. 5 stars also for the nice and friendly support.
bymember1000, September 8, 2011
For me this is one of the essential exts within J15. Easy install, transparent handling, stable function, period. As I´d like to upgrade my site to J17 I´d be very interested to know WHETHER this functionality will be upgraded to J17 in near future. I´d "even" donate to encourage it. A statement here would be very appreciated.
Owner's reply

Generally answering your question: I'm going to release an upgrade compatible with Joomla 1.7. Nevertheless I cannot declare any date when I can give you an update, but I will try to have a look at it next week.

bymember1000, January 25, 2011
I checked diff. editors, many of them fine. But this is the best one. I experienced no hassle with install / usage whatsoever. The timing of the availability of v1.6 is just perfect. Many thanks for this gem. - Tony
bymember1000, October 31, 2007
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Phoca Gallery
Just to let to know others about my experiences: no troubles with installation, simple image handling and management, appealing appearance. I just give preferce of this component for others offered. Thanks very much for this contribution.
bymember1000, August 8, 2007
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The installation went very smooth, and there was an easy integration with selected parts of the whole site. Minor problems found and reported to Yuri has been rectified within hours. Many thanks for such an excellent support.