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bymensworkshop, October 22, 2012
Article Placed Anywhere
I've used Joomla for years. Finally, finally, finally a simple module that allows front-end editing. Perfect for the business/marketing type websites that I manage. Now my clients can invent their own punchy calls to action - and they dont have to get all confused in the backend about what goes where...or email me with the update request!

Oh, and no hassles with install, and multiple modules on the same page seems no problem. Thanks to the developer
bymensworkshop, October 16, 2008
Akeeba Backup
This is by far the best addition to joomla websites I've come across. If I start building a new site, this is added straight away. It doesn't matter what goes wrong, with this component, used regularly, you will always a simple to install version of your website ready at your finger tips. Great for developers who build offline (like me). Build it, back it up, upload the zip, extract and install - your site is live. I love this extension.