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bymercedesk, May 15, 2011
Art Feature Carousel
I was looking for an effective extension viewer for my website and I found it with this one! I had a slight problem in the beginning getting it set up because there wasn't any documentation, however, AFTER contacting the creator of it, I figured it out and it really was easy to do so! Also, at the site where I picked the module up, there is a forum, in truth, the main things I needed to know were there for me to search out and apply! And then it got even better when the maker contacted me SAME DAY - if not an hour or so later and gave me the answer to my dilemma, now that's support! Happy? Oh yeah, and then some!
bymercedesk, May 5, 2010
AJAX Shoutbox
This would be a really great extension if there was some way to block and keep the spammers off of it. Maybe if it was better set up, I don't know - I don't even think the "Captcha" on it works. I'm going to hate doing it, but I need to disable it; because I'm baby sitting it daily. The last straw, today, I woke to find an actual "Porn" animation going on it... I was horrified... it has to go.
bymercedesk, November 18, 2009
Images Crawler
This was the second one I tried and it worked right off the bat! Fantastic application, or module I should say, works like a charm, does what you want it to!