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bymessmedia, July 4, 2012
Pop Image Slider
You know, i actually needed an extension for a concrete project, scrolling gallery with big photo popup ability, and it HAD to have possibility for easy addon of more photos. Like slider/gallery.
Pop image photo is that, and much more. Not only it got easy to add photo-gallery in it, in those popups U can play ... - anything, really. It's insane how much possibilities it got.
One more, very important thing: I had a problem - I mistyped path to my images, several times (what can I say - I am beginner, an not used to WRITING :{)). Anyway, I sent email (it was info@.... mail, so I didn't expect much to get a reply), and almost instantly I got my response and a solution! That is so rare nowadays, so I Had To Point That Out!
I wish all the best to the people that did this, and I will keep my eye on new stuff They'll be doing.
P.S. I actually could write all from above in one sentence: Pop Image Slider is A MUST.