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bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
All Weblinks
If you want weblinks section on your site - try this extension. It greatly extend native Joomla weblinks component and gives many styles and options for presenting.
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
Very easy way to add GA to Joomla site. No need to make code change in template, just enter code and you get Google Analitycs armed.
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
AutoTweet NG
Well, it is not so easy task for newbie to create FB Application (note - you need to register as developer to get access to this section. And you need to do that from your personal account - not page), deal with hosting application, SSL, app authorization and so on...

But once you do it (and on site there are helpful instructions), you will get powerful solution for automatic or manual posting your articles to FB, Twitter and more if you want.

Very configurable filters, image posting, direct posting, native SEF support, new/modified/old articles posting, works with self signed ssl.

Very helpful support at forum as well.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much, we appreciate your words!

PD: Check in the next week the update to post Tweets with images ;-)

bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
Aixeena Taxonomy System
Easy installed and configured, provide all-in-one taxonomy solution.

- works with Joomla native SEF
- tags are taken from meta keywords
- tags placed at the end of article in the right place and with custom css
- tags cloud module
- tags are active links to search component
- no any impact on performance
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
Ninja RSS Syndicator
Professional and highly customizing RSS solution for any project.

Perhaps the only wish - SEF link for RSS feed.
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
DPCalendar Lite
If you need lightweight but functional calendar - this one is perfect choice.

Google hosted (with all Google service), supported rich text (just use html or BB Code like), AJAX driven interface with lightbox events popup.

The only minor - this component is very sensitive to JQuery conflict. So if it's disapperar or don't work, check your logs etc.
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
Simple Image Holder
Works as advertized. Does make adding images and flash very easy with some interesting options. Can be used in many ways. Images and flash management are much easier with this extension.
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
pPGallery is a very quality stable extension with many options and one of the best engine (prettyPhoto).

It's much much better than Simple Image Gallery Free and for my needs pPGallery works better than Sigplus.

Support is excellent.

I only hope author will make a version for Joomla 3x one day...
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
This is very advanced extension with many powerful option, that easy outperform AllVideos. Just give it a try. Standard player, inline and light box, plus gallery function!

Support is excellent too.

Some CSS overlay mouse over effect for play button at thumbnails would be nice.
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
Good looking and working captcha solution. Has many internal precautions preventing robots from pass through.

Does not fully support AdsManager (Contact with author form). Hope this will be resolved.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your excellent review. We will try to figure out the cause of issue with AdsManager's contact form and fix it asap.

bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
I chose this extension as firewall for my project.

Future will show but seems authors know what they do.

Don't have any problem with it yet, no serious attack also, but logs show many incorrect urls (potentially dangerous) which this extension blocks.
Encrypt configuration
Work with native Joomla forms and with many external login modules. You can try to make encrypted any form if fact, just check out docs.

Unfortunately does not support BT Login extension yet.

But anyway great way to protect passwords and SSL alternative.
Owner's reply

Hi, metaflow.
I still have integration with BT Login in my todo list.

bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
Installation and configuration very easy. Work stable. Effective protect your administrator page address. Use it as one of the security tool!
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
BT Login
Great login module with light box login and registration option. Captcha support. Useful options.

Some wish list:
- add link to user profile along with log out button (though I did it for my site easily)
- add support for "Encrypt configuration" extension
- or embed some native encryption for password exchange
- add support for SSL. But since many hosts don't have SSL, previous option are more universal
- facebook login integration :)
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
Advanced Module Manager
I need some modules in article view only and this extension easily give me that. A lot of option! Really advanced.

Though AMM has some compatibility problem with T3 framework (some modules will not save after edit). You need to switch AMM to slide layout to solve that.
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
Akeeba Backup
Very easy and effective backup. Already used it "in field" for site transfer without any problem.
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
Yireo SSL Redirection
I have self signed SSL certificate on site and wanted backend to be accessed with SSL while frontend without.

Joomla native SSL options don't work well with cache and can make your visitors in trouble due to self signed ssl (css lost). This plugin give me stable solution with mandatory ssl access to backend and mandatory non-ssl access to frontend with correct redirect.
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
Cache Cleaner
One of the must have extensions. Gives you full control over cache. Auto clear cache on save and other events. Can clear cache without log in just by secret URL (in free version!), which can be very useful.
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
This extension can make automatic captions for your images and this works very well. You can customize the look and set many options.

Just don't forget once to set exclusion and this plugin will do all the work.

I prefer this one over Joomla "caption" class since it's more universal and robust solution.
bymetaflow, February 9, 2013
Better Preview
Absolutely needful extension since it's the only way to get a real preview with template & plugins.

Note - articles need to be saved before they can be reviewed, so perhaps it would be better to do autosave function in this extension or some temporary save with random url (even better).