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bymetalsensi, March 20, 2014
In case you're wondering, yes, it's as easy as we all keep saying. All you do is put in your simple syntax and put whatever you want into your article. (Works with anything you can put into an article including other plug-ins). A++
bymetalsensi, March 11, 2014
I just re-launched my site to attach a forum. I almost went totally phpbb but instead opted on updating to j3.0x with Kunena. I ran a test site for a few weeks and saw no problems. If I ran into a bump in the road it was easily diverted by google and their *ahem* forums. Everything from SEO to modules on the homepage - it's all right there. FOR FREE!
bymetalsensi, June 4, 2013
Enabled in seconds, configured in minutes. Very easy plug-in and a MUST HAVE for long pages!
bymetalsensi, April 26, 2013
PayPal Donations Lite
The component itself works fine but none of the modules seem to work. If support exists, I can't find it.
bymetalsensi, April 12, 2013
JJ Social Slider
Worked out of the box - no tweaking. Has an option to make your icons dark or white which is awesome anyone owning a dark site. So in other words no CSS edits!! woohoo!!! Besides all you need to edit is in the module options itself.
A big plus is that it did NOT break my site! yay, again! All js modules and comps are still working without flaw.
bymetalsensi, February 18, 2013
Xpert Tabs
This extension seems to no longer be supported. The forum is still down and the documentation page for this extension says these three letters only "sdf".
There is no way to order your tabs. Other than that it works great.
The styles are clean and the tabs load properly. But without the ability to order the tabs, I must move on to another extension.
bymetalsensi, January 9, 2013
Mini K2
I've been looking for a module to display my K2 articles WHILE showing sub-genres. While I couldn't quite find what I was looking for (a module to show the children of a category as their respective cat-images in a scroller/loader), I found that while using Mini K2 with a certain template your sub/child categories will show as filters above this BEAUTIFUL wall of my articles (using the portfolio template - they are set to create a wall of my article images). Very good module indeed! I love that gems like this are free. Makes it so much easier on those are creating our own websites as we aren't paid to do so. 5*s
bymetalsensi, January 9, 2013
B2J News Loader for K2
I think this may be the first extension I've downloaded that worked EXACTLY how I wanted it to WITHOUT having to edit css or look into some type of error. This News Loader replaced my frontpage component (via loadmodule) and I love it. The editing via the module itself it superb. I just can't really say enough nice things about this. Well done!
bymetalsensi, March 1, 2012
Social Share Buttons
I noticed it doesn't support flexi-content articles. However, looks great on the joomla articles.
bymetalsensi, February 9, 2012
Jock Rotator
Yeah it's a hard one to figure out - definitely not for the casual html/css coder. This is php mixed with html. It takes a while to figure out how to convert all the times and days but when you get it down - it's really amazing. Everyone on my radio station loves it. So basically it does exactly what it says it does. Too bad it's not an actual component though - that would be killer. But just a simple php file works for me.
bymetalsensi, February 4, 2012
BT Content Slider
Haven't found a flaw. CSS is so easy to adjust. After looking and trying so many other sliders, this one is EXACTLY what I needed. No jquery conflicts. Can handle multiple instances on one page no problem. So all in all.. it's pretty close to perfect. I will now be a fan of anything bowthemes releases.
bymetalsensi, January 21, 2012
Category Block
Giving it 5 stars because it deserves it. I'm currently using the free version and the only problem I have is that the extensions website 'logo' says "Get Pro Version for $37". I just wish it didn't have the price next to it because it's confusing to my visitors as they think they are supposed to buy something. Other than that - module works excellent with many useful configurations.
bymetalsensi, September 20, 2011
Image Scroller FX
Am I surprised! Pleasantly, of course. I didn't really want to take the chance on this site cuz it's kind of an extensive installation. It's not a wham bam thank you ma'am kinda installation. BUT, they have a video tutorial that was so helpful. I wish all extensions like this had video tutorials. Congrats to the creators for a beautiful product and all the ones who do decide to install it! You will not regret it. To be honest, it was kinda fun tweaking all the settings to look just how I want.
bymetalsensi, September 8, 2011
ARI Image Slider
However... It's not what I'm looking for.. I'm not sure if it was just me though.

I'm using png files as my photos (only 3 pics total) and it seems that I can't configure the picture to fade OUT appropriately. Image A comes in then the transition begins for Image B but Image A doesn't fade all the way and I'm left with pic on pic for a few seconds which jumbles the text on those images. (btw these pics are like want-ads for my site which means they include text)

SOO... i found that while tweaking the params I could make it do something really awesome, just not what I'm looking for.. So my review is a Buyer/Downloader be-ware review.

Very good ext.!
bymetalsensi, July 13, 2011
MP3 Browser
This does exactly what I want it to do. It's easy to install - just a simple plug-in. You create your article, put in the directory using the coding and you're done. I've used in several articles on several pages of my site. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to put tracks on their site without using 3rd party codes. *Must have access to your server in order to upload the tracks.