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bymfriedrichs, June 20, 2014
Fancy TagCloud
Same here as above: Jenő Kovács was supporting me within a few minutes and quickly solved what i have overseen.
The module ist working smooth and without any problems.
My recommendations for that!
bymfriedrichs, March 11, 2012
WEBO Site SpeedUp
After activating Webos's javascript-procedures in the given BASIC configuration for watching the gained speed, the ajax search form doesnt work anymore (opens up in a new window instead inside the page). But deactivating or (later) deinstalling webo site speedup doesn't changed it back to where it was before !?
I can't work out, where i have to look for any changed files that remains after deinstallation..?
Shouldnt it made backups before changing files and put it back while uninstalling ?
But pain doesnt stop there: after reinstallation webo wont start anymore. Just showing up "0%" for a second and remains disabled.
Nevertheless, -i can't find a support forum where a solution should be waiting for me to find it, cause im surely not the only one.
Do i have to run up and down for - maybe ? - find a solution ? Really ?? (Btw i did it and i didnt found anything).
Very bad state of scripting and supporting, isnt it ?