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Far superior to what you would expect from a Beta. it looks better than some of the stable production systems.

Alas, I am removing it and moving to another Forum solution. The developer is target fixated on Joo!BB being a complete solution - basically everything you need on top of Joomla. On inch further and it would be a standalone system. He has made it clear he is not knowledgeable of, nor does he care about interfacing with other extensions - most notably CB. He replies that Joo!BB will have all the feature of CB and will even replace some core features of Joomla that he wants to do better. If you want a full featured Forum system that runs on Joomla (in about a year) this is a great package. But if you need to interface with other comments, ratings, blog, gallery, etc. extensions, this system is not the answer.

One warning: verify with your Hosting service if they have PHP 5 installed on your web service instance. I naively added a .htaccess file to favor PHP 5 over PHP 4, not realizing that I didn't even HAVE PHP 5 available. With GoDaddy hosting you have to specifically ask them to reconfigure your hosting environment and then ask them to put PP 5 in place.