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bymhanes, April 27, 2010
I recently developed a site where publishers would login only to be horrified tha the article editor was half hidden behind the right column modules. This kind of thing should not be happening and should have been accomodated long ago by the Joomla Developers. This is something that template designers have had to create workarounds to solve. Finally MetaMod to the rescue as this little gem allows you to assign those right column modules inside of it and once a publisher logs in they are hidden from view. Problem solved as once the right column is hidden the editor expands out and is in complete view as it should be.

BRAVO MetaMod!
bymhanes, November 8, 2009
I signed up and paid to download this extension. The demo looked promising and the extension boasted of it's range of themes. I am fairly comfortable with css however I found that customizing the menu to use images was tedious and time consuming. The menu uses a lot of css multi-class casting which I had to do research just to understand. I feel that it would have been so much easier for the author to have offered a few extra parameters in the module to allow for the use of images. This way the module acts as a wizard so that one does not have to do so much customization with the css. This is fine if you are well versed in css but not for those of us who would like to simply use the product.