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bymiamiman, October 25, 2013
News Show Pro GK4
Unclear if the production version is V4 or V5? Also no instructions on how to upgrade, if in fact, that is necessary. So far - on a demo J3.1, I've found numerous inconsistencies (ie bugs) on V5. The forums are paid subscription only. Maybe for their non-commercial extensions developer should consider open-forums?
bymiamiman, August 29, 2011
Quick product support; super ease of use; great app!
bymiamiman, July 17, 2011
Fancy Popup
I would have liked a browser session setting, so that the module only pop-ups onload [if set] once per session.

Otherwise fine tight product. I see other possibilities for our sites.
bymiamiman, September 20, 2010
A few snafus, but it's working relatively well. The problems to date are probably from the feeds themselves. I look forward to new releases!
bymiamiman, February 25, 2009
What can I say... fair at best.

It works, but in the final analysis, the product is not polished. Lots of minor, irritating issues, certainly with 1.5.8.

Forums are not tremendously active either. I still have threads there from weeks ago with no response.

If you decide to install, and really run it in a production environment, arm yourself with lots of patience.
Owner's reply

Currently there is no issue reported on Stable Version 2.2.2.

If you are using the 2.5 RC1 :) if you have some issues, please just realize that this is just a Release Candidate.

Don't hesitate to report me bugs via email has this is written on the main page (and not in the forum for 2.5 RC1)