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bymichael729, July 28, 2014
New extensions almost always have a learning curve. Sometimes its much bigger because of lack of documentation or support.. other times, so smooth because use is well documented AND support is readily available.

I purchased this version rather than the free 'lite' version. So glad I did.

The finished product (form) is great. Functions as expected and more. Relatively easy to use and after one round of creating a form I'm thinking I can use this for multiple applications.

Thanks Markus for the support as well!
bymichael729, September 13, 2012
Accordion Gallery
Thank you for this PERFECT extension!

It was so easy to install and incorporate images into it. The options for appearance are just what I was looking for and the overall impact on the website is stellar!

I didn't need to look for support, it was that easy!!
bymichael729, June 12, 2011
Nice Google Button
Maybe nobody is using Google Checkout.

I'm glad I found it! But even more glad that this sweet little extension was here and easy to use.

Excellent documentation! It offers precise and simple guidance to orient new users of the product.

Thanks for this. I've been using PayPal buttons to allow folks to register and pay for events, but I hate them. I've recently landed more deeply into the pockets of Google Apps with work and groups I belong to, so switching to Google Checkout on this website is sweet! Now I have a couple more to switch over, too.

I'm not a novice Joomla user... but I am far from an expert.
bymichael729, February 1, 2011
Portfolio Zen
I'd been looking for a way to layout a group of images in a Yearbook kind of style. I stumbled across this extension and liked its look. Once installed (simple), I looked at the second option for the Kite layout. Loved it, using it, and will us it again.