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bymichaelgreen252, September 2, 2014
Yendif Video Share
Seriously recommending. This one is the best for video...well put and thorough support when I needed it...The bonus is that it plays on mobile and all browsers..With html5 usage and you have full control over the layout.
bymichaelgreen252, September 1, 2014
Social Promotion Popup
Just what I needed, also the fact that it's a module instead of a plugin means I can lock more than just article content. Recommending
bymichaelgreen252, May 15, 2013
Good product for building membership plans...has many addon features and the support is great..
Owner's reply

HI Michael,

Thank you very much for your kindhearted review.

Team Ready Bytes

bymichaelgreen252, May 15, 2013
You can sell tickets if you download the free version of jevents an...i use community builder and all three together make an incredible combo.....earn commissions off of every ticket sale generated by your users...has potential to be a real money maker...and furthermore...the support is very enthusiastic and thorough. recommending
great tools available for marketing, affiliates, can offer affiliates commissions on not just banner links and registration rewards but also easily offers commissions to affiliates for referring to other content on several other common joomla components. very creative, simple but complex features, not a single bug but most importantly.....great, quick, very enthusiastic and helpful. buy it
bymichaelgreen252, January 4, 2013
Cant say enough good things..for starters, thanks so much for this product which allows for a non super coder such as myself to build a complex website. In addition to this product which i am rating as high as i can....the support is quick...thorough, enthusiastic and consistent. i would confidently purchase any product from this developer. Thanks
bymichaelgreen252, December 8, 2012
Music Collection
Wanted to take the time out to give credit to this great product and the support that comes with it. This product allowed me to not only add music to my website with a purposeful, intelligent and very user friendly interface but it also comes with many configurable and intelligent modules covering things like statistics for current song or for all songs....and so many different ways to advertise your artists or you can use one a website with one artist and monetize your website with options to sell songs or entire albums.....and lastly but not leastly...This developer stands by his can expect quick and enthusiastic support. Thanks for this rare and powerful contribution to the joomla community.