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bymichaelmiller, June 1, 2011
RSform Pro
There are a couple of things about RSJoomla products I've found over time: they are easy to use, do what are advertised, and don't have any of the freaky weird 'glitchiness' that so many other, even commercial, components do.

That being said, if you need forms to do anything than what it does right outside of the box. And in that case, it's helpful to know a little php or javascript.

I don't. Which is why I was so impressed when, after struggling with hints on forums and so on and so forth, I finally got in touch with RSJoomla support and had them kindly and patiently suggest a solution to my problem and go through with implementing it. It was great, and honestly, much much better than support you would get at most major corporations. Kudos to them!