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bymichealdavi, February 2, 2013
I bought this extension a few months ago.

It takes more setting up than other extensions.

The CSS is a mess and made a mess of the site I was using it on.

The support is agressive, difficult to understand and frankly not worth bothering with. In the end I had to go through the code and sort out a number of problems myself.

However, the most worrying aspect of dealing with Ohanah is that three months after buying the extensions they charged me for it again and refused to refund my money. I had to go to paypal and wait for a week for them to review the case before I got a full refund. Ohanah just gave me abuse and told me it was my fault for not reading the small print.

Frankly these guys are not to be trusted.
Owner's reply

Dear Daniel
the dishonest one here is you.

Of course there was no mess in our CSS. Asking for support means: asking politely for help in a respectful and not arrogant way. It means also following the instructions that you received from our tech engineers. All things that you haven't done unfortunately.

For sure it is not here the place to discuss about commercial issues, it seams that you haven't read the JED rules like it seems, again, that you haven't read the many other informations that were clearly written on our store page and in our FAQ section.

The diffamation acts you tried to do and your offensive words&behaviour are poor, not our software of course.

Thanks anyway for having used Ohanah. Wish you all the best for the future, to you and to your promising company