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bymicheas, November 23, 2008
The good: Xmap produces a complete map of the content on the websites I have tried it on.

The bad: All items are tagged as updated daily. This is probably too frequent for individual items, and not frequent enough for the front page.

The home page was identified by its alias not as /

There does not seem to be a way of adjusting the relative importance of pages.
bymicheas, March 7, 2006
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CiviCRM is great for putting up a quick way of getting donations and volunteers from a website.

It does not however, integrate with the fish.

It has many oddities about how it lays things out that will give your graphic designer nightmares.

The user interface on the backend is probably an excellent candidate for an AJAX type interface similar to vtiger.

performance also seems to be a bit suspect. Your RAM usage will noticibly increase.

Any usage that is non-trivial will require a lot of thought about adding fields.

You should set up a test server with representative sample data before deploying it (unless you are sure that you have not hit a performance bottle neck when you organized your data.

I have not tested the max records, but it seems that it will hold millions, but may have issues at about 32 million.

The schedule a meeting functionality is still very primative, and probably will be a few generations before it is a challenge to outlook.

Email blasts are still a work in progress, you probably want to use anjel for email blasts at this point.

Over all, an excellent project with a bright future, Well thought out schema, the fields seem to match the real world. I'm torn between giving it two stars and five stars. it has elements that deserve each of the rankings.

joomla 1.1 has a lot of promise, as it should be possible to integrate civicrm and community builder seamlessly using that.