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bymichelletang, September 11, 2012
It was easy to install, easy to configure and works perfectly. I have checked it in Chrome, IE and FF and no issues. I was trying to manhandle Google font use on my own by hacking the template and I wonder why I didn't do this earlier. Time is money - this extension would have saved me a lot of both!
bymichelletang, January 13, 2012
Smart Slider 2
I tried literally every free slider I could find. They either didn't work in one browser or weren't flexible enough or got some weird jQuery conflict. Finally, I decided to buy one and liked the reviews for Smart Slider. *This was the best $30 I ever spent on an extension.*

Instead of spending 2 hours trying to munge code that I don't understand via ftp, I spent 2 hours playing with the fabulous settings. I will use this on every site I build. It rocks.

Here is why it rocked (for me)
1. Loads fast in all browsers
2. Allows HTML in the captions for linking
3. Super easy to set up with a WYSIWYG console that also allows toggle to HTML.
4. Really nice and smooth effects

An added plus was the preview in the set up so you could see what everything looked like rather than going back and forth from the dev site.

I am going back on the developer's website to see what else they make that I can pay for and not waste time!

Thanks so much!
bymichelletang, January 11, 2012
I wanted something that would float the share buttons outside of the content to avoid taking up room within the page and it worked flawlessly. It's very rare to have something work within minutes - especially a non-commercial extension. Also, great to have Google+. Lots of extensions haven't added that yet. Thanks!