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bymichelollivier, October 4, 2013
SP Staging
This is a good idea which deserves to be upgraded. This could be a good tool for multi sites management. However, I regret my money. This is a beta version, many bugs. It doesn't worth buying it now as developer seems to leave this project starving.
bymichelollivier, March 18, 2013
n3t Language Filter
A very good job and a simple alternative to joomfish or falang. My multilangual sites are simple, so instead of an article per language, I use 1 article with n3t Language Filter tags.
Very clever extension!
bymichelollivier, January 4, 2013
It's small, beautiful and it works! I don't need huge sef engine to manage thousands of urls. Simple Custom Router is all right for simple websites. Thanks Daniel for sharing your work.