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bymickaoy, October 11, 2012
The best CAPTCHA Antispam system.
Its userfriendly, easy to use ans effective !
The support team is very nice. Answer very fast ! I now use it on all my site. Keycaptcha is much more userfriendly than Recaptcha !

Thank you so much for this extension.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your excellent review

bymickaoy, October 22, 2011
So easy to give a style to your website.

Better and more compatible (google translate for example) than Cufon and the others.

Thank you.
bymickaoy, September 6, 2011
Qlue Panel
Thanks again to Qlue Developpers for this great module. SO light ! So easy to use ! So esay to customize CSS. Comptatible with all my others extensions...Great job. i'll implement it on all my sites and also buy licence for support this great team who provide so many usefull free extensions !

PS : Its can be usefull to add option for the button : Fixed or Relative position.

Bravo and thank you.
bymickaoy, December 14, 2010
Modules Anywhere
One more great extension my websites cant work without. Free, safe and powerful extension.. Thank you Nonumber
bymickaoy, December 14, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
Like almost Nonumbers extensions...This extension is perfect. My actuals website just cant work without it.

Thank you so much
bymickaoy, October 21, 2010
Pro Sticky Message
I used many different component and module pop up and iframe but that one is the best!!

SO EASY to use, so powerful,...Thank you projoom!

Price is nice also...if you looking for something like that, dont even think one minute, just buy IT...

Thank you!
bymickaoy, August 30, 2010
Thank you so much,

I use this component for 2 years already and developers work hard all the time to improve the program!

Many improvements since the beginning.

This component is safe, powerful, and easy to use!

Cant imagine my websites without!

Thank you!
bymickaoy, August 17, 2010
For me just the best component!

i used a lot before, but that one is really incredible. Simple, powerfull, stable.

Cant imagine my websites without that tool!

Thank you, thank you, thank you
bymickaoy, February 9, 2010
Thanks so much,

its the module i was looking for!
Simple, and powerfull. The best in his category.
So easy to customize or use in any language!

Thank you again
bymickaoy, February 8, 2010
JV-LinkExchanger (jvlinx)
Thanks again to developers. I used version 1.0, and it was already excellent. Version 2.0 is great. More powerfull, clear and easy to use! The component has changed. Better and better! Thanks a lot!