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bymickles, October 10, 2011
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Thanks for good idea and working implementation!

Unrortunately it is'n flawless. :(

Keywords in English and with other Latin-1 chars are succesfully extracted from the query.
But when it contains encoded symbols, DSK can't handle it.

I've looked over code and found that a source of the problem may be in the regex fuctions like preg_match

Those fuctions won't support multibyte chars.

It would be nice if author changed it to mb_ereg....
Owner's reply

I think your review is absolutely unfair.

I develop the extensions in my free time and give FREE support for them. Why didn't you ask me first in the support forum as everybody else?

How can you rate a function which was never asked before? How do you want to encourage me to write further extensions and update the extensions with the wished function? With this poor rating?

Please think about it and change / delete your poor rating. Come to my support form, we will sure find a solution together!

Thank you!