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bymihha, November 24, 2013
I have this extension installed on my client's old website built on Joomla 1.5. The client decided to migrate website to the Joomla 2.5. I suggested client to buy the latest version of extension so he can continue to have the same extension on the new website. What a mistake that was!

On their website it clearly says that there are big differences between version 1.3.8 and 2.0.2 (not to mention 2.5 which is the latest version). The Exporter / Importer plugin should be used. Right! What a joke!

Not that this plugin doesn't work at all. On my client's webserver it just dies although I increased maximum execution time for almost 6 hours in the PHP environment and I configured PHP to use 1GB of memory!

Their support? None of so ever!

A client can't login to their website with the username/password he got during the checkout, he has been charged twice for the same checkout, he can't reset his password. Those are just a few issues that I can list.

Their forum is full of topics which didn't get any kind of answer for more than a few months.

Be warned! Once a great extension turned to be a great disappointment! You can't migrate your data from the old version, you can't download latest extension that you bought, you can't ask questions or receive any kind of support. Nothing at all!
Owner's reply

Dear User,

It is disheartening to get such feedback's. We are taken back as a surprise as we have not received any emails from you. You are free to write to us at , or even post your issue at our Community Forum.

You need not have subscription to post your issues here. However, the response time may vary as we give more priority to our subscribers. Our tickets system is more immediate response.
We would further like to acknowledge you that we have implemented live chat Support services at our website where you can report your issues directly to our support .

To let you know,we have live chat integrated in our website "" where you can directly tell issues and our Support. Our support engineers are actively indulged in solving our client issues.
Please post any of your migration and ads importer and exporter related issues to aforementioned options.

We will strive our best to solve your issues. We are anxiously waiting to solve your issues. Please write to us ASAP.

Please provide your transaction details. We are obliged to reimburse the additional amount if we have charged twice for the same product after having done an investigation.
We await your response. We look forward towards working with you.

Best Regards,
Gobingoo Team

bymihha, June 8, 2006
Great plugin!

Been looking for something like that for a weeks. I know that there is one simillar commercial pluging but it only allows inserting Google and YouTube videos. This one has much more video sites to include video from.

It is working like a charm.