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bymijntje, September 17, 2014
Geocode Factory 5
Not being a programmer I got into a bit of difficulties getting SobiPro to do what I wanted. Geocode Factory 5 did everything I needed, very clear description of how to get it to work. I had a few problems and Rick resolved them in no time.

The extension is now also suitable to use on websites with more than one language.
bymijntje, December 3, 2011
After having struggled with JoomACE for 1.5 years I finally gave up and decided to try sh404SEF. I am not a developer, just make a small website for my small business, no programming skills and no idea about anything slighty more complicated than the obvious joomla settings.

I am totally and pleasantly surprised by:
1. the easy of use (I originally selected JoomACE because I had read it was easier to use ... this is absolutely not true!)
2. the easy of installing (removed Joomace and installed sh404SEF and in 3 minutes I had the right settings to have exactly the same urls as I used to have).
3. the excellent information everywhere on the settings and on the website.
4. the forum with all questions answered and clearly answered (for example in Safari I could not manage to change the custom 404 error page and one quick search on the forum teaches in other browsers it should work and indeed ... no problems!)

I did not yet try the extra things like having google analytics integrated or switch to mobile template (will try these in the near future).

I do thoroughly enjoy the inbuilt '404 request manager' which lists all urls that ended up on a 404 error page. With one click you can redirect these to an existing url (through a concept called 'similar url' which is in 95% of my cases correct, making it really extremely easy to get all links working again or redirected to a page of your choice).

After all the difficulty with ACESEF, I am extremely happy to know SEF can be easy as well.

By the way also menu localisation (a Joomfish extension making it possible to hide certain menu items in one language only) works excellent (with ACESEF it does not because ACESEF makes you disable the JFRouter plugin and apparently menu localisation works only with the plugin enabled).

In short: Excellent! Bravo for the developers and the support team.
I was already very impressed with Easyblog, setting it up was very easy, there is lots of help with all the settings and the blog is working very well.
After a few weeks I had some questions about RSS which I could not get to work, I received replies immediately 3 times in a row. Also the support forum is excellent.
I am very impressed.
bymijntje, June 25, 2011
My ShortList
I installed the extension and had a small problem. Got very good support from the developer. Fast and friendly and to the point.
It is real easy and works very well. Make sure you set it to 'no cache', at least for me that helped!
I use it so site visitors can keep track of the articles they like best, without having to log in.
bymijntje, June 7, 2010
Amazingly easy to use. Very clear instructions and it works very well.
Thanks for developing this!
bymijntje, April 16, 2010
Phoca Gallery
Works very well. In case you have any problems, the documentation is clear and has helped me very well with a few things I did not immediately understand.
Well done!
Thanks for this free extension, I will donate and hope you can keep up this good work. Also hope others will do the same!
bymijntje, February 15, 2010
Absolutely perfect.
Also received a very fast reply when I had a small problem, however, the problem is related to my template and not this Printlogo plugin.
bymijntje, February 4, 2010
I started using Eventlist and this was fine, but there is no support and therefore also no development. Luckily I found out in time and have changed to JEvents which has many more possibilities and incredibly fast forum help.
The site has also a lot of documentation (especially for members, which is paid for but it is absolutely worth every 'penny').