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bymika_hakkinen, May 17, 2011
Facebook Comments
Simple to install and it works! Thank you!
bymika_hakkinen, May 17, 2011
Facebook Like Button
Simple to install and it works! Thank you!
bymika_hakkinen, April 1, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
It works perfectly and it does everything it says.
bymika_hakkinen, February 17, 2011
Link with Article Images on Facebook
5 star review. This does what it says and it sorts the problem once and for good!
bymika_hakkinen, November 5, 2010
Really simple and easy to configure, does exactly what it says and the support is PHENOMENAL, the best I ever had!
I encountered a small problem so I emailed the developer and he immediately offered solution. I don't know how to thank him!

A suggestion: perhaps you could add the option to show more than one news at once, like a grid of 4 or 6 tiny news. I could really use sth like this on my site.
bymika_hakkinen, October 20, 2010
Nurte FB Like Box
A nice and simple FB box, easy to configure. Doesn't need Facebook API, only the page ID which is good.

Obviously there are lots of other extensions that do the same thing as well as this one, but I chose it because it was simple and it didn't require registration.
bymika_hakkinen, October 15, 2010
FJ Related Articles Plus
Excellent extension!

Does exactly what it says. It gives you more options to adjust than you need, but everything is simple and easy to understand and configure.

The only minus is that for a site like mine, where every article has a big (500px width) intro photo which exceeds the tooltip margin and there is no way to make it resize the picture or not show it at all.

But it worths a full 5 stars!
bymika_hakkinen, August 30, 2010
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ARTIO FusionCharts
I needed to present some statistics, about this years F1 season, to my site.

Searching here, I found many extensions that seemed helpful, but after taking a look at them more carefully, I decided this was the one for my job.

I wasn't wrong at all. It is so simple to use that the excellent users guide is not even needed, with great looking result. If only i could directly enter data from an excel or html table... That would have saved me a lot of time.

Nevertheless 5 stars from me and it totally worths it.
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
I tried to use Google Analytics with the manual way on a Joomlart template. Try to do it your self... Nightmare.

I installed this extension and in no-time I could finally see data in my analytics account. This is my first review by the way. I'm so happy that I found this extension that it wouldn't be fair not to submit a review.