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bymikaja, August 9, 2013
I am working with joomla for almost 4 years.i used many many extensions and this is the best extension i ever had!
Highly recommended for everyone who is tired of joomla limitations. and i guaranteed if you use zoo, you never comeback to joomla or k2...!
by easy backup and restore data You can easily migrate to any new joomla version without loosing data.
there is a lot of features so learning take your time, but after every day, you will love it more than yesterday

Honestly i never paid for any extension, but i want to donate them a big money because they give me all i want.

The support team (specially jan) are really cool. I am not a member but they helped me to solve my problems about zoo and roksprocket issue.Even Rockettheme say it is not possible to solve this but zoo team had different idea and solved by just 2 lines of codes!
the documentation is really brief and useful but you can't get enough information about the advanced features like zoo structure...
I give this extension Excellent but i think this is not enough..
bymikaja, April 24, 2012
strongly recommended for everyone
just upload your files to desired directory and everything is done!
even if you want to construct a new website, you will not loose any data. just by 2 clicks you can backup and restore downloads data and use it on any other joomla based website!
the guy/guys developed this extension really know what you want and provide more than your needs. this extension save a lot of my time