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bymikeh00, October 17, 2014
JU Slideshow
The slideshow has so many great advanced features I could not find elsewhere. Even better was that when I needed it to do something more, the developer was quick to respond and help with my needs. A product is often only as good as its support, and this product has amazing support from the developer.
bymikeh00, October 12, 2013
Search Out
Had a problem with plugin at first but developer was very quick to fix the issue. Works perfect now.

Simple but effective functionality that no other search module out there currently offers. Great space saver. Very useful software.
bymikeh00, May 9, 2013
Smart Slider 2
With Joomla extentions, you never know what kind of support you are going to get when you buy a product from someone. I've had horrible experiences and great experiences. Nextendweb, fortunately has amazing support!

There were a few tweaks I needed to it to make this slider work for my needs. Oftentimes when you request new features to a software company, they just say they will put it on their todo list, which means it won't get done for a while. Thanks to Daniel there, he went ahead and added the features I needed to the software the next day.
bymikeh00, January 26, 2013
SP Upgrade
The developer is at different time zone than America but everytime I wrote, he answered back with explanations and even customized the upgrade script to fit my specific need. Upgrade program itself works great. Saves ALOT of time.
bymikeh00, December 28, 2012
AT Social Sharing Pro
I'm not sure what lightweight means but this adds at least 300kb-400kb to your page! AddTHIS only added 100kb. Would avoid if you care about the loading of your pages.
bymikeh00, December 7, 2012
SP Staging
Can't believe I finally found what I had been looking for. An easy way to update multiple sites with MY files instead of using built in Joomla updater, which many extentions don't support anyway. A HUGE timesaver when you have 50 sites.
bymikeh00, March 25, 2012
Ultimate Feed Display
So many different options give me the ability to show a feed however I want. Nowhere else could I find this. It's great for showing a youtube video library from an RSS feed but didn't have lightbox support for vimeo. I wrote to the developer and within that same day, he provided the updated program with the vimeo compatibility. Couldn't ask for better support!
bymikeh00, July 16, 2011
Top Panel Slider
I had trouble finding a good panel slider that housed modules. There are only 1 or 2 out there, period. So I was pleasantly surprised when I tested out this top panel slider. I decided to purchase and was glad I did. It's a beautiful slider and works right of the box.

I, however, wanted it to show at the bottom and not the top of the browser. I wrote to the guy who made it and the next day, he sent me the edited file. Worked perfectly! Could not be happier!
bymikeh00, May 17, 2011
Just bought Easyblog and at first it didn't work how I wanted it or thought it should work. I wrote to support, assuming that they would say "maybe in future versions." I was blown away that support actually sent back script modifications and did it all for me. Everything I asked for to customize it to my needs, they did. They weren't huge things but enough to where if they weren't made, I couldn't use it. Everything works great now, so I just wanted to share my positive experience with them as a company.
Owner's reply

Thank you Mike! We will try to improve our service as we move on

bymikeh00, July 29, 2009
Joom Donation
Didn't work at first with the template I had, but support got back to me same day and fixed my template to work with the program. Great organized interface and works as promised.