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bymikemonk, March 5, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
This extension is simply amazing. It has become the first thing I install on a new site. This needs to be part of the core joomla installation! Keep up the excellent work!

The only thing I would like to see is similar functionality for template selection. If we could automatically apply a template to certain sections or menus, and keep this same functionality on automatically assigning modules to templates, it would create an awesome circular loop, and add everything to articles when they are submitted.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review.

Regarding template assignment: it is core functionality to be able to assign templates to certain menu(items).

But for more control you can take a look at MetaTemplate Pro by Stephen Brandon:

bymikemonk, December 27, 2009
Content Uploader
The lack of a mass import solution has been a major weakness of Joomla for quite some time. I have not had time to extensively test the extension, but it seems to be an answer to this problem. As somebody who uses excel alot, this is a godsend! The main thing that could use would is the documentation, there is not much right now.