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bymikeoppeneer, January 29, 2010
CSS Gallery
This is an excellent plugin. Thank you very much Andreas Berger.

I was able to install it and apply it to my article content very easily, and it's great for those with minimal website experience, especially his install instructions.

My only suggestion would be:

I noticed on my clients website that if the gallery had many images then it wasn't possible to have my mouse hover over the image and be able to see the image without scrolling up (which would result in a different image being displayed now. So if there would be some way to select an image and then scroll up to view that it would be greater.
bymikeoppeneer, January 28, 2010
This is a great app. It really helped me organize my client's website.

It is very easy to use and install, for those with minimal experience.

On my wishlist for this would be two things:

1. A way of uploading a large amount of images at once, I used the picture layout and had to upload about 50 separate entries one by one

2. A javascript roll over effect which could be applied to the images in picture mode

Other than those 2 missing features that I think should be included great contribution.
Owner's reply

#1: Most likely we never build such a thing into SimpleLists, because uploading images should actually be part of the Joomla! core. As soon as the core deals with this in an easier way, we will add this to SimpleLists. Instead, you might also want to consider FTP.

#2: This is a nice feature-request. If you really want this, it's better to add your suggestion on the Yireo Forum instead. This is only a place to add reviews, not to start discussions.