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bymikespeas, May 25, 2010
I installed both K2 and Simple Image Gallery Free just fine, but immediately ran into what appears to be a problem dating back to last year. The two, though made by the same company, have problems recognizing each other. After a couple hours of searching and trying the fixes suggested by other users, I'm looking for another component.
Owner's reply

First of all, both can be installed on your Joomla site, but K2 requires SIG Pro for the moment if you want to make use of proper galleries within K2. That doesn't mean that K2 will not function without SiG Pro, it's an addition, that's all.

Aside that, your comment is not really helpful. Neither you mention any specific problem, nor you're suggesting anything. All in all, pointless...

I really wonder why the JED team published this comment... if it's of any use, really...