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bymikeverbeeck, April 3, 2012
I was installing/uninstalling several map options that didn´t do the trick. This Free!! plugin+module extension was fast to install, very easy to use and configure and is very versatile. Does what some real state extensions sell as state of the art. A map to include in each article and a module that shows all the pins of all articles in one single map.
Also I was asking for the possibility of several improvements and the replay was fast, positive and free of charge. I am impressed!!!! Thank you
bymikeverbeeck, March 29, 2012
Admin Tools
Incredible tool it was so helpfull!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! And it is free!!!
I love keeping track of updages for the extensions!
The little thing is that it keeps on telling me update for admintools is needed but I have the latest version isntalled (currently 2.2.2) for other extensions it detects updates as soon as i install them
bymikeverbeeck, March 26, 2012
FJ Related Articles Plus
Hello I am using your extension with joomla 2.5 I have intro images on all my articles. They do appear normaly when I make a menu with normal category blog list but do not appear when I make menu with a FJ related blog list. Is there a reason?
bymikeverbeeck, May 17, 2010
Hello I am trying to show a smumug album with this plugin but it seems its made only for rss link.
I guess I cant just put the http link of one of my smugmug albums?
thank you
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Yes it is only made for RSS, please use my forum for more support questions

bymikeverbeeck, March 12, 2010
Works fine, perfect easy its just wonderfull!!!
bymikeverbeeck, January 23, 2010
Google Maps by Reumer
This is one of the best extensions of joomla. It works fine, fast, easy and full of options easly adjustable.


mike verbeeck
bymikeverbeeck, January 15, 2010
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This extension is almost exactly what I was looking for. I have tried many real estate extensions and I find this one the easiest and cleanest one.
The only thing I am missing is a bit of help on how to configure it. For exemple where can I populate the drop down list? How can I configure the layout of resuls? what if I don´t want the seach parameters to appear on the first page of results?
mike verbeeck
Owner's reply

To populate drop down list, just go (in the backend) in JEA Properties features and change tables.

To customize the views, the best way is to override default JEA templates

More infos :!_core