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bymiko, June 5, 2014
BT Content Slider
I can't say enough about this extension -

(And that says a lot about the company & people!)

First, it worked great, has a very straightforward & well-designed interface & parameter-layout, - - But most importantly, when I had a problem that companies who charge big $$ for a less-adequate component, don't-even-respond-to on THEIR forums, - Bowthemes replied to me within 1 hour.

And, amazingly, their forum didn't 'delete' my post after letting me type it in, and the response was warm & smart. - 5 stars all the way.
bymiko, March 3, 2014
Mario replied within a DAY, to answer a question, - He was friendly, informative, and gave prompt & effective advice without asking for a dime - And, everything works great. Thank you M for your work, donation for your work is coming next!