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bymilkysofty, February 10, 2012
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Event Registration Pro
notification emails for offline payment are not received, only for paypal payments. needed to ask at the forum but it wouldn't allow me to register because my ip address is flagged as "spam". i switched to my other isp (i have both wireless and wired broadband), and still their stupid forum software flagged my other ip address as spam. i am a web developer, not a spammer. i just bought this software the other day, and i'm not happy with it. not happy with the support.
Owner's reply

We are sorry that your experience has not been optimal. However this is the first we have heard of your issue. Did you bother to contact us via our contact us form about your issue accessing our website? We got no such notification. As for your issue with notification emails, this is dependent on your configuration settings, so you must have not read our user manual about this. And you obviously bought our software and logged into your account successfully, and we do not even have a forum for support, and there is not any other reason to register again to contact us via our support ticket system. So this review is extremely baffling to me as it just doesn't fit with the reality of how our site and support works. It is also puzzling that you would give us a bad review regarding support that we did not even have an opportunity to provide. Please contact us at info[at] if you have any further questions.

bymilkysofty, August 20, 2011
Payment Form
it would have been better if a joomla user account could be created after payment. it's good for membership sites.