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bymillerdesignstudios, April 25, 2011
Started using the JoomListing component, and I have one thing to say, "Awesome"!

At first I was a bit setback by the amount of setup required and the size of the component, but once I opened the documentation, I saw the full potential of it, I was amazed.

This component is designed to rival setups of sites like craigslist and others. So naturally there is a lot of settings and variables that need to be setup. This is not something to just jump into. It takes time to get all the settings exactly how you need them for your live site.

But I think that is where this component is great! It has a lot of customization built in. From packages and free listings to Regions and locations. The regions and locations was a great option for us. We run a statewide classified site that will be moving to a national service next year. This setting will allow us to expand without a problem, or worse getting a new component.

The component can be used for a lot of different listings sites, merchandise to real estate.

Plus, the people at Joomclan are very supportive, from fixes to feature suggestions they are generally always available.