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bymilolila, October 9, 2011
Content Statistics for Community Builder
Another of the great extensions for the content statistics system. One of the most useful to me. Specially if you have big communities and want to keep track of the register logs
bymilolila, August 8, 2011
Content Statistics for K2
I think this is the best of the "content statistics" plugins, because it's the most complete. Has lots of options and filters. Specially useful the filter for categories and sub-categories. Quite funny to use!
bymilolila, April 21, 2011
Content Statistics
I'm no an expert in Joomla, but its clear that the difference between this extension for Joomla statistics and others is tht with this one you can use TIMEFRAMES
I wanted to create rankings of my joomla articles which I use in my site as a blog. Until now, all I could find where just hit counters, that do not give a time dimension.
With this extension, however, you can show rankings in the week, month, etc,which gives you very good options to display the statistics
I just use it for joomla articles, but it is pretty impressive that it actually works with any other joomla extension... Maybe I'kk use it with other extensions in the future if I need to make reports or anything

This was alsoas simple as it gets to install. No problems, all smooth, nothing to configure. I had a couple of questions that were asnwered very quickly and efficiently on the forum by their team

I'm so happy with this, that's why I'm making this review. Well worth the money.
bymilolila, April 17, 2011
My Albums for JomSocial
I love Music Collection, and until today I didnt know that this plugin existed. It is perfect, because it enhaces the "community" or "social" dimension of Music Collection
You can list the albums in the jomsocial profile, and thats a great way to access them. And the good thing is that it keeps the same look and feel than all the albums in the site
Clean and simple. Must have for a social music communi in joomla, no doubt
bymilolila, November 6, 2010
RS Cool Mp3 Player
The module is very simple to use, and the design its cool and simple, i like that
However, i think its too simple: for instance, there is not Next/previous song button if youre using multiple files... And that means that if you want to play one song of the list, you must first stop the current one...
I think itd very useful to play 1 song, but a bit limited to play multiole songs...!
Anyway, good job!
bymilolila, October 9, 2010
JE Awd Song
It does what it says, but I think there a few aspects to improve..
The user interface could be much nicer (i guess you could improve it your a css genius, but im not...)
And it would be nice to have more options for the songs (genre, etc..) and maybe more options like automatically mske playlists of top songs and play them anywhere on the site
All thst being said, it does what it says. Its ok, but can be better! :)