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bymiloskorac, October 6, 2013
Messed up titles, all titles are the same. Cannot be controlled by its configuration.
Meta tags generator does not works.
Wasted lots of time trying to fix titles of articles.
bymiloskorac, August 8, 2013
Marco's SQL Injection
This blocks POST, GET, REQUEST and blocks SQL injections.

There will be detailed report, with attempt string, and hacker's IP.
I try to report each attack at projecthoneypot

Report looks like:
** Local File Inclusion (and string)



This plugin Rocks and Roll
bymiloskorac, July 3, 2013
Very easy, install as usual.
Working instantly.
Easy to change or add fields.
Missing the option to remove link to developer.
bymiloskorac, May 27, 2012
Extra Vote
I was able to have stars in Google results, related with hreview-aggregate, by editing extravote.php, displaying Votes.
Please make it possible to have a module with extravote, that way, it can be added to any other component, besides articles.
Stars can be easily changed by editing png image file.
This is excellent plugin.
bymiloskorac, May 11, 2012
Social Sharing
takes lots of time to get API from developer, at the end after adding API module is reporting that API is not correct.
There is not instructions that both plugin and module should be installed.
Not happy with this.
Thank you.
Owner's reply

Hi miloskorac - LoginRadius is based on the idea of simplifying the whole social login integration process and making even non-programmers to add this functionality to their website.

About getting API from ID Providers, its standard process that is required by ID Providers, so regardless you implement it by yourself or through LoginRadius, you have to spend time to get APIs from ID Providers and LoginRadius can not do much in this matter. To make this process quicker and easier, we have developed step by step documentation with screenshots for each ID providers, please see them in our developers section or under Social Login >> Provider Settings in your LoginRadius account.

Regarding plugin and module both installation - its mentioned in our developers section under Joomla Documentations, please see these two documents:

For Joomla 1.6 & higher:

For Joomla 1.5:

We hope it answers your questions. Our support is available 24/7, so please feel free to send us an email if you have any other questions.

LoginRadius Team

bymiloskorac, March 3, 2011
Quickicons for VirtueMart
Works great,
After installing go to Modules, and then click to Administration modules, and activate it.
I have sent you Spanish lang ini.
It is only 10 lines to translate, this should be translated to other languages as well.
Thank you!
bymiloskorac, September 5, 2009
Estate Agent  Improved
I have installed many Joomla's real estate extensions, and EA Improved works great, for Sales or rentals.
Easy to configure types of the properties, has very nice image gallery, pro version has Google maps also.
Code is very clean, the most important for me.

Compatible with Joomfish.

Has SEF support.

RSS 2.0

You can add media and documents in the listing.

Support is okay for me, resolved every instance, there was a few. Comparing with other extensions, this is "less coffee, less headache, and more sales and leads".

Worth every penny. Very useful tool for real estate professionals.

Excellent job!