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bymilutin, February 15, 2012
Very nice gallery, im using it curently with my site and joomla 1.5. many costumatization options and wery stable. However im sead to see that there is new version for joomla 2.5 since im planing to migrate. It wil be pity if I have to use some other gallery!
bymilutin, July 8, 2009
In my joomla 1.0 I was using Artbanner plus ' for me far best component for banner management but unfortunately the owner gave up on component.

Thus I think that this component is missing some of the grate stuff such as:
Show banners based on banner id
show 1 or 2 3 4... banners
show banners horizontally or vertically

Any way good effort!
Owner's reply

I think you are confusing different ways of working with different functionality. You can achieve much of what you want with FlexBanner.

I'll, take a look at Artbanner and see if there is anything we can use here.

Thanks for your comments.

bymilutin, September 11, 2008
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I would say that it is excellent tool, and it was till today when after my attempt to erase one module and the result was that all my modules where erased.

So always beckup your site and use Extplorer with extreme caution!
bymilutin, August 29, 2008
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Pro Sticky Message
This is grate mod, nice looking with several templates!!!
Grate for announcements advertisements and more!

Two suggestions:
1. make the left or right side to be defined also (like bottom or top)
2. Give the option if the Sticky Message should be opened once per browser or each time you open a page.

These are just my suggestions but I definitely recommend this mod!