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bymindenaron, February 22, 2014
Pro Magic Audio Player
The product is great. I would recommend it and has so many features that makes it really outstanding. However, the customer service is terrible. I needed help because the html5 player didn't show up within a 3rd party extension. After contacting the support three or four times, I got an answer and when I thought they really wanted to help, after a couple of exchanges of emails, they simply ignored me. I tried several times politely, but the issue is still unsolved. Hmm, so I have mixed feelings about it. They product is great but support is bad.
bymindenaron, February 5, 2014
I have used several Joomdonation extensions, so I have a basis for comparison. First, Edocman is a perfect solution for handling downloadable materials. I used DocMan for years with my joomla 1.5 site and automatically bought the new docman 2.0 when I needed to set up a joomla 3.2 site, I thought that would do. Actually, it did. That extension is all right but I must say Edocman is better. Why?
First, it looks better. For my taste Edocman css looks better.
Second, it is much faster. For example, bulk import 100 documents into both would result 5 seconds for Edocman, 20-30 seconds for DocMan. Both does the job without any problems, both stable but the joomdonation extension is faster.
Third, it offers more options, Edocman is more refined, let's say more accomplished and offers better modules. At the moment DocMan doesn't have a module for the "Most popular document" or "Most downloaded document" but Edocman does. I don't really understand why these modules were not available for Docman, but they informed me that these are on the way. Pity, they aren't available now.
All in all, both extensions are good very good, most importantly they are all rock-solid, runs without problems but for me Edocman suits better.
And one more thing: Tuan is really helpful, gave me a hand when I needed support and fixed the issue which was not an issue but I didn't know how to setup the component well. Thank you Tuan.
bymindenaron, December 30, 2013
Migrate Me
Barnaby worked wery hard to help me and earned my highest respect. He was quick and very very helpful. His extension works well, clean and its easy to use interface makes it a breeze to migrate data fom your joomla 1.5 site. It cannot be even simpler and easier. The developer is trustworthy so he is the guy you want to do business with. Product and support are both higly recommended. Thank you Barnaby, again.
bymindenaron, December 12, 2013
QuickSell File Seller
The extension is pretty cool, not at all complicated, selling files online couldn't be made easier. I got a special deal from the developer, I think it was mutually beneficial for both of us. I had some issues with the website but he was quick at responding and sorting it out. That's what I like about paid extensions - the professional support which is well worth the money. So both the developer and his product are highly recommended.
bymindenaron, February 28, 2012
It's a good component, good functionalities and superb customer service. I do recommend it.
bymindenaron, August 1, 2011
I haven't been using this extension for long but for now I think it has everything one could ask for in a testimonial component, perhaps more. Nice design yet simple to use and understand. There are a lot of settings to make it customly suitable for you. Also, support is first-class. I had a problem with the component which was caused by sh404sef but the dedicated support sorted it out for me in a very timely manner. I think this is one of the reasons for buying a commercial product: there are helpful professionals behind who will give you a hand when needed. And there are few cases when everything works as it should there is always something which need some tuning, solving or customizing. All, in all, this is an excellent component with excellent support. And again: Thanks John!
bymindenaron, July 25, 2011
Modules Anywhere
It's a very good, versitile module with good support. Recommended!
bymindenaron, July 7, 2011
I must say these guys rock! They are awsome and really help me a lot. You won'T regret doing business with them! By the way the component is excellent and they work hard to make it even better. They frequently come up with new releases serving their customers. A big thumbs up for the RSJoomla team!
bymindenaron, July 7, 2011
Event Booking
This component is well worth the very reasonable price for a lot of reasons. First you get a reliable, feature-rich product which meets your needs. You can hardly get a better one. Tuan works hard to constantly improve it adding more features. Second, the developer is a guy with whom it is a pleasure to do business with. He is always open to suggestions and really helpful when it comes to solving some issues, on which you otherwise would spend a lot of time. He is quick to respond. It is good to know that there is him or his team behind the product, and they will help you when necessary. Highly recommended!
bymindenaron, July 5, 2011
These guys at RSJoomla rock! They really provide customers great and fast support. It is just a fact that the extension is rock-solid, runs perfectly, I have not found flaws in it, but the support is also first class. They even did some extra modicication for me for free because I'm a dummy at Jquery. My experience is that they are always very polite and helpful and they really want their customers. It is true that their products are not the cheapest but that difference in price is very much worth it. It's for sure that one always runs into some smaller issues but these guys at RSJoomla really make it easy.
Really recomended.
bymindenaron, December 28, 2010
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I've been using RS Joomla products for 2 months and I have the best opinion on all of them.

What is really important for me is a high-quality and fast support. They have it. Always quick and very helpful, so I can't say anything else but the support is first-class! If you, guys, find it important, than the RS Joomla team is meant for you.

Secondly, the component is also great, for me it does 3 things under one roof:
I can sell memberships with a lot of options. Great!
I can sell files. It serves as a document seller.
I can sell online tests by restricting the particular url so that noone but the subscribers can have access to it / them.

The payment by PayPal is quick and stable so it fulfills all my requirements. It is also true that I have not tested or tried other 3rd party membership components out there, but that one was the first I used and I think I stick to it because it has everything I want.