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byminghuiSEO, June 25, 2014
OSE Anti-Hacker™ for Joomla!
Support was great. Thanks a million for a great product that delivers what it promises!
byminghuiSEO, July 30, 2012
I try both Nice membership and JPayplan, Jpayplan is good software too! I like it very much, but compare to Nice membership, JPayplan is difficultter to use. JPayplan is more extensions to use but I dont need it.

Sorry my bad English, I want to share my feel about this two software. JPayplan is good too, keep good work!
Owner's reply

I would like to say that PayPlans in term of use, is NOT DIFFICULT, in contrast to other membership extension with same set-of-features.

We put a lot of efforts to make it easier for beginners.

#1: PayPlans, at installation is MINIMAL, i.e. DOES NOT install all feasible apps.

#2: We don't enforce any configuration. You can build plans, and sell them via payment gateways.

#3: We provide a setup-checklist, which helps you in right direction to setup the website.

#4: All of advance features are only enabled by configuration or relevant plugins. So if your use case is simple, then basic installation is sufficient for you.

#5: If you need more features or specific use-case, we have lots of apps [currently 87,]

At last bu not least, Thanks a lot for writing a review for PayPlans, we appreciate it.

Happy PayPlanning !

byminghuiSEO, July 30, 2012
Nice Memberships
It work like it say, and price is accepted. I too ask a question, support man replies and solute my answers, it really nice membership!
byminghuiSEO, July 27, 2012
OSE Credits™
I am new to Joomla, this is first Joomla software I buy. Somewhere is hard for me, so I submit a question, support man reply me very quick. He help me solute my problems. very good support and good sofware! thank you! sorry my english is not good.