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byminionion, May 25, 2014
System - Nomad
This plugin does exactly what it says - you can create an extremely granular login system that allows each user or group of users to be sent directly to the content of greatest interest to them. Nice piece of code - perhaps Joomla will include this in the core next time :-)
byminionion, February 19, 2014
Testimonial Collector
I am a professional web developer and installed this for a non-profit women's group who wanted a simple way for their members to publish their own success stories. I was able to download, install, configure and publish the extension in under 30 minutes, customized to exactly the display and wording the group was looking for. It's also really simple for their very non-technical members to use. I highly recommend Testimonial Collector.
byminionion, March 10, 2010
I bought this component to use for a client that has a long, detailed registration process with a number of slightly different variables for each possible set of registration details.
Breezing Forms made it very easy for me to set up the base set of options and then replicate and adjust them to each of the sets of parameters I needed, so the form was complete much faster than I expected.
The included stylesheets are also neat and professional looking, so I saved time from having to customize the look & feel.
All in all, this is a great component. I'm working on doing an integration script for it as well - with that, BF will give me everything my clients want.