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byminorgod, September 10, 2007
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This component is super-cool. I think those negative reviews from last year must have been with a less mature version of the component because I installed this thing and used the sample data as the starting point for my own "Request a quote" form which I managed to set up within 10 minutes of installing the component. So, literally, 15 minutes after downloading the extension, I had a working form on my site. Just make sure you don't forget to install the sample data immediately after you install the component your first time. It's easy to miss the demo data link if you're not paying attention, but if you install it, it will make it much easier to get started quickly. If you're experienced with building forms and web apps from scratch, you'll think this is a total breeze to use. Unfortunately, the stable 1.x version doesn't have any kind of "dependent" form field functionality, so for instance, you can't have a couple of radio buttons that toggle a set of dependent fields on and off. You can still hand-code that kind of functionality within the auto-generated form and the Fabrik forums have detailed instructions on how to do that if you can find the right thread. Apparently a "dependent form fields" feature is slated for version 2, which is currently in alpha. Other than that I have no complaints after a whopping 30 minutes of using the extension, so three cheers for Fabrik!