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bymintie_gal, December 11, 2006
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I've used this extension myself and I have to say it does exactly what it's meant to do "connect to new users".

It could automatically send a connection request to new users which is really handy when you have a "support" user (who answer questions new users might have) make a connection to new users and could also make your site/community feel welcoming.

It does so many things, I suggest you should try it yourself and be the "new user" by signing up with joomlapolis to see how this extension work!
Owner's reply

Yup, you can certainly give new users answers to frequently asked questions ... now getting people to actually read this before they jump to posting is the real challenge ...!!!

bymintie_gal, December 4, 2006
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db8 Site Last Modified
Nice and simple Module. Easy installation and Configuration. It would be great if it also show other site info (ex. Site name, web master/s, today's date, etc)