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bymishraz, January 16, 2009
VM cart is looks great at first glance. It seems to provide all the features a shopping cart needs. If you want to plan a major store VM has a whole bunch of problems you need to worry about.

On top of my list is performance,

1: It makes too many database calls for simply content display, when I say too many I mean about 200 odd database calls, which apparent no one has noticed in these reviews, if your website has major traffic on the site VM Site will slow down and eventually crash. (Major)

2: There is a feature called Manufacturers however it does not behave like manufacturers it’s merely for display purpose. (Minor)

3: Product attributes are totally useless. (Minor)

4: there is no use for vendors (Minor)

5: the most important component in a shopping cart is its ability to communicate with its users, VM has that capability however there is no easy way of customizing the emails it sends out. (Major)

6. It lacks the ability to import users.

7. User registration system could be better, as a lot of shopping carts are b2b and they require prior user approvals before they can be allowed access to the system,

There are several other issues which can be catered by custom programming but there is a real need to improve VM performance and communication system.

If VM can improve upon these in their future versions, I without a doubt think it can be a candidate for the best system in the world.
bymishraz, October 9, 2007
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Great work, this is a very good comoponent

Installation - 10
User Friendlyness - 8

Very well programmed clean and easy to customize

best thing about this it is Open Source i want to thank the developer for making this open source, This component can easily be commerical and gain good value for the hard work which has been put in it...