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bymissPanic, June 5, 2014
Rapid Contact
Excellent extension for contact, works great, I specially like modification options for fields.
Every praise for authors work and also for his fast email help with tehnical support!
bymissPanic, June 5, 2014
Very Simple Image Gallery
This gallery is very simple (just like it name says), user friendly and effective. If you need simplicity, then this gallery is right choice! Great job!
bymissPanic, May 30, 2014
Embed Google Map
I often work with joomla, and this is great plugin to embed maps on a site.
It could be even better if it had an option to change marker type.

P.S. for all the users that have a problem and got all maps on their site - solution is very simple - just delete the codes that you don't need, and leave the one that satisfy you.