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bymisterg2, June 7, 2014
I have been using this very low cost but brilliant extension for a long time when I experienced a conflict with another extension. After understanding the problem it was fixed promptly. Well done guys!
bymisterg2, November 19, 2013
List Manager
This is the best extension I have dowloaded - easy install, powerful list manager with update capability. The developer(s) provided instant feedback, suggested custom changes to meet my needs and implemented a solution so that future updates will be easy to implement with my custom changes. Fantastic - they even coded some custom code for me for a small charge.
bymisterg2, April 9, 2013
Easy Folder Listing Pro
This is just what it says Easy! Also it has very useful features that make the presentation of material flexible. Actually getting the extension was difficult - the web site and shopping facility are confusing - a simple faq may help to give the exact steps for paying and subsequently downloading the product would be helpful. Good work and for a small fee brilliant!
bymisterg2, February 1, 2013
A technical extension that has many prerequisites - BUT there are not many competitors and it is free! Support was instant but then went to sleep. However my basic skills were part of the problem - I think this is worth being a commercial product and once it is working I will contribute to its development.
bymisterg2, December 1, 2012
Filter and Search for K2
This extension is excellent, easy to install and use. No technical skills required and if you want support to customise it this is available and provided almost immediately. I can't thank the support team enough.
bymisterg2, August 15, 2012
Improved AJAX Login & Register
Well, the other reviews were correct - this is a small but effective login module with sophisticated presentation. The support is out of this world. I would have like it to include an override of the joomla registration messages to be more attractive but thats a small item.
bymisterg2, February 24, 2012
ARI Data Tables
Searched for an extension that provides ability to display table data for some time. Found this extension - fantastic ! In a couple of hours had installed and loaded a table into an article with search facilities and ordering on all fields. Wow ! Documentation for the huge number of options needs improvement but that's a small problem.
bymisterg2, September 19, 2011
HTML 2 Articles
I am creating a new website from an old html site. Much of the content needs to be imported. After painstakingly importing several articles I found this extension. It is now really easy and saves loads of time - the new version installed without any problems recently and a query about installation was answered promptly.