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bymixrecords, September 28, 2008
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For anybody running a community site, AlphaUserPoints is the piece of the puzzle that we've been missing. Very easy to install and works well for a first release.

The developer is quite active, responding to bugs and other issues very quickly.

The API is extremely easy to use and creating custom rules is a snap.

This component is great as it is with tons of potential.

Highly recommended!
bymixrecords, September 27, 2008
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VM Affiliate
I had been researching the various Affiliate solutions for VirtueMart for quite some time before pulling the trigger. After looking through the existing Joomla components and other third-party Affiliate Software scripts, I got fed up and emailed Globacide asking when they would support J1.5 and VM1.12 - got a response a couple hours later informing me that the new 4.0 would be out the next day.

I usually don't buy components without trying them first, but I decided to give it a shot since I wanted to get my Affiliate program started ASAP. It has been a couple days since installation, and here are my thoughts:

-Quick and easy installation. Up, running and configured within minutes.
-Integrates seamlessly into VirtueMart, no hassles, seems like it was meant to be there since the beginning.
-Easy to use back end, very intuitive interface.
-Great looking user front-end.
-Well written code, I was able to make small modifications without any trouble.

Given the low price of the component (around $95USD after exchange rate) I wasn't expecting it to have every single feature that I could possibly want. After working with it, I have only found two very minor additions that I really want.

I sent a chat message to the team at Globacide, got an immediate response and gave them some of my feedback. They immediately started working on fulfilling my needs, no questions asked.

Typically when I use a first release of a major component, there are quite a few bugs that leave a sour taste in my mouth. With VM Affiliate 4.0, the experience has been excellent so far, and I only expect things to get better from here. Through speaking with the developers, they informed me that the component was released a bit sooner than they would have liked due to a huge demand for a native J1.5 / VM1.1X Affiliate component.

If this is rushed, the mature component is sure to be one of the best and most valuable components to anyone that runs a VM store.

To put this into perspective, this is my first Extension review. I have used hundreds of Joomla (and even more Mambo, before there was Joomla) components and modules, and never before have I been so satisfied that I was moved to write a review. Globacide has gained my trust and admiration for putting out such a great product and backing it up with excellent support.