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sh404SEF is a good component and probably better than at least two other URL management extensions. It does what it is supposed to do, as advertised. Mostly.

Some issues...

The team says they never use the menu alias or menu title to generate URLs, but that is not true. There is a setting for category-blog and category-list which allows use of the menu alias or menu title to differentiate between blog pages and list pages. You can also specify a word or phrase in this case. I'm not saying this is bad, but if you have this turned on, you will be confused unless you are aware of it.

This is why my biggest complaint is poor documentation which gets this component a 4/5. They have a FAQ and there are videos to help you, and an online manual. The manual is out dated and nothing looks the same. How valid the information it contains is questionable. It appears to have been written for the Joomla 1.5 version. The FAQ is just that, some frequently asked questions. It may or may not be of use to you. The team points to the numerous tool tips as a help guide, but for me they were largely confusing and useless as far as setup goes. Your mileage may vary.

There are many things that need to be documented that I had trouble finding. Some of it is there, some not. Somewhere, they mention in passing almost, that URLs on pages need to be absolute and not relative. That means when you insert an image or site URL on a page, the URL for that item must begin with a slash. There's nothing that points out the issue you will have if this is not the case -- which is that your site may work, but you will find a 404 url for each of those items.

Site owners should not bypass setup and testing on a local machine. Get it working properly first and then move forward on your live site. I did not have this option as I was working with users in 4 different countries who all needed to be on the site and adding content while we worked toward a short deadline.

I'm not sure what to say about support. You're allowed to asked questions in a forum, but before you do, you have to copy paste individually about 10 fields from your Joomla Installation. It's a pain in the butt. I realize they are forcing people to take some action on their own, it is still a pain. For the price of the component, the support is okay.

Searching the forum may or may not get you an answer. In my case, I tried 4 to 5 searches for each of my problems and then gave up. Once the issue was solved, I tried again and was able to find the answers I needed, but their search function is poor. On one issue, after posting my question, I think I did find the answer while waiting for a response. It is time consuming.

sh404SEF seems to be a good, stable component. If the documentation was easy to use and up to date, I'd give this component 5 stars. As is, you'll spend a lot of time learning instead of just using.

A simple get started guide that walked you through the necessary settings, and then took you on a features walk through would be excellent.
bymjlogan, December 15, 2012
Ultimate Facebook Like Content Button
Installed and began working immediately.

Web Experts supplied great service when I needed it with their facebook comments extension. I'd buy from them again.
bymjlogan, December 15, 2012
We Ultimate Facebook Comments
If you have custom HTML modules, be sure to set "Prepare Content" in the basics options to "NO" in the modules.

Extension works great. When I needed service, they responded in minutes after submitting my ticket. Thanks Web-Experts!
bymjlogan, June 27, 2011
ARI Ext Menu
The module performs exactly as the developer says it does. Install, enable and assign to the menu you want it applied to.

Bonus - set the colors for the menu items, the font size and weight and more.

A quick look at the developers forum for help shows they are responsive.

Nice job ARI.
bymjlogan, November 16, 2009
This works exactly as it claims and the other reviews are testimony to that. I had no trouble getting this working right out of the box. It even works with my SEF package. As with many free extensions, the documentation is on the sparse side, but much better than most. It works off your menus, and as a menu item, so be sure to add a menu item for it and to add your menus to it or all you'll see is a blank screen. I'd give it a 100 percent perfect if it added your menus right from the start with an option to deselect them. As is I give it a 99/100 percent. Really nice. - MJ