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bymjn, September 15, 2013
I am using this extension for a technical website with lots of keywords (tags) which is a new feature in Joomla 3.x. I have only tested this extension on articles, categories, and tags. The extension works for articles and categories, but it does not work for tags. When I tried to use just the common settings (JoomSEF Basic), my menu item for displaying all of the tags became messed up. To "fix" this I had to active the "advanced options", and then set "change index.php to current menu" to "no". Although it fixed the menu, it did not fix tag links which still have the itemID in them. No matter how I changed the settings, I could not get the item ID to not display. I will have to export the tags, fix them manually, and then import them. Also, there should be an option on the configuration page to say "save and update URLs or delete URLs", because if you forget that step you will think that the options did not do anything when in fact it did. I briefly looked at Meta Keywords, and I noticed that a lot of symbols were getting put into the keywords. I have not looked into all of the options related to meta keywords to know if this can be turned off. I don't know if there is any option to tell JoomSEO to included tags in the meta keywords.