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bymjnisbett, September 13, 2011
Hello All: Even though K2 may be a very nice extension, I want to warn those that are trying to convert large sites to K2. Most shared servers will only allow 30 seconds to perform the conversion of articles, etc. If your site is large, it will not convert in time and error out. There is no option to convert portions of the site at a time yet. Therefore, you may have to wait until that feature is added or a work around created. I posted this issue twice on the support site but nobody has replied with an answer to get around this problem yet. Thanks!
Owner's reply

If you run a large website, you are obvious using a hosting company/server that "supports" such a site. If that's the case, it's easy to tweak your server and avoid any import timeouts. In any case, importing can be simple if you do the process "locally".

99,9% of sites importing their Joomla content articles into K2 will not have any issue...